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Can you pull a muscle in your ribcage? Does this sound like a pulled muscle, rib fracture, or scarring?

I was sick with a headcold for two weeks that moved down to my chest. While getting over a severe, hacking cough, I woke up one morning with a painful area that hurts when I press on a certain rib near my sternum. It is about halfway up my ribcage and is bilateral, although, it hurt twice as much on my left as my right. It hurt to actually breathe and especially when I sneezed or coughing. It hurt to sit up and it was too painful to sleep on my stomach. I am also short of breath.
After three weeks, it is getting better but still hurts. I have been trying to expand my lungs and the only thing that is helping is swimming.
I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or knows what this sounds like? I don't know what it feels like to fracture a rib or have lung scarring. I thought if I pulled a muscle, it would have gone away by now.
Please help!!

ur lungs just have been beating up all the muscles around them ur jus sore, it may take a while but it will stop hurting, if it was a pulled muscle u wouldnt be able to jog or swim

YES you can pull rib cage muscles and yeah it could be fractured (been there), but if it is there really is nothing they do for that. I wouldn't wait too much longer though- anything concerning breathing, you really should be checked out. Good luck

I had a terrible cough for about 3 weeks. It turned out to be from acid reflux. Anyway, it was so bad I was blacking out. Then I got an awful pain in my ribcage. It turned out to be torn cartilage. Very painful. And it won't go away anytime soon--if that's what it is.

Check with your doctor. There's a chance you might need an x-ray.

Quick question for you! Why, if you are suffering this long,why not go to a doctor? When you are in that much pain it could be nothing or it could be a collapsed lung.
You realize a doctor could not diagnois you without a chest xray and you want us to?
You can take advise from this forum and you can take experience from it. BUT something this serious needs more than we are capable of doing for you. You have probably suffered in pain all this time for no reason at all. You go to the doctor today. Go to a walk in clinic if you have to. Get the damn thing looked at.
I am adding this to my watch list and see if I am right.............GO NOW!!!!

You need to have a CXR to evaluate your lung fields (rule out pneumothorax, rib fractures, pneumonia, pleurisy, pleural effusions). You certainly have muscles between each rib -called the intercostal muscles-and you surely have strained them with all your coughing. If your CXR is negative, then have no fear it will just take time for the muscles to "heal"-remember a "sprained" ankle is often more painful than a "fractured" ankle and can take longer to heal. Swimming is often more comfortable with muscle injuries because your body is lighter in the water and this decreases strain on all your muscles. Best of luck

I had bronchitis and upper respiratory problems a couple of years ago. I coughed so hard that my nose started bleeding. The next day my chest hurt so bad, I thought I was having a heart attack. My doctor told me that I had damaged tissues in my rib cage from the coughing. He gave me vicodan to supress the coughing and control the pain. He told me that it takes a long time for injuries involving the ribcage to heal because they cannot be immobilized. You have my sympathy because I know THIS HURTS! Why don't you see your doctor?

With all the coughing that you were doing, you probably put a strain on your accessory muscles that simply aren't use to all the strain. You should see a doctor if you cannot expand your lungs without having pain..because that could lead to complications. Expansion of the lungs is necessary to keep the lungs clear and healthy.

I'd advise you to go get an x-ray. My friend had a bad cold, coughed too hard and felt a pain which sounds very similar to yours. When she finally went to the doctor, it turned out she had fractured two ribs!
Symptoms of a fractured or cracked rib are - it hurts to breath, cough or sneeze, can hurt to move your arm, difficult to find comfortable ways to sleep. Sound familiar?

possible explanations could be that your muscles have a lactic acid build up which causes alot of pain. It could also be that the intercostal musces which join your ribs may have separated from the rib, which is possible if the cough is severe enough.

Sounds like pleurisy.
Go in and ask the doc for some steroids to help you breathe and relieve the pain.

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